C.G. Baird is the Author of Scary Gary and the Super Sock

Not only is C.G. Baird a Children's author, but she is also a Childcare Advocate, advocating for higher standards of care/early childhood education for our kids!

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Crafting Sweet Memories

C.G. Baird is an innovator and compassionate leader who understands the challenges and pitfalls associated with operating a successful childcare center. She decided to take the events of Scary Gary and turn them into a children's book to help fund her mission to educate other in-home providers and early childcare centers about the importance of going above their state childcare regulations and minimum standards to both improve their business and their income as early childcare business owners.

If you have any questions, please reach out to C.G. Baird via the "Contact Me" page!

Scary Gary and the Super Sock!


Who is C.G. Baird?

C.G. Baird is a childcare advocate turn author. Sharing stories from her daycare in the form of books!

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What books have you written?

I've written Scary Gary and the Super Sock with more to come!

Where can I buy your books?

You can find my books in my bookstore! Click here to head over to the bookstore!

Are your books suitable for all ages?

Yes! My books are suitable for all ages! Especially kids ages 3-6!

Can you visit our school/library?

Absolutely! I would love to visit! Click here to request a visit from me and let the fun begin!

Can I write to you?

Instructions on how children can send fan mail, ask questions, or share their thoughts about the books.

Do you have any writing tips for kids?

Simple writing tips or prompts to encourage young readers to write their own stories.

Will there be more books in this series?

Updates on upcoming releases, future books in a series, or ongoing writing projects.

Do you sell any merchandise?

Yes! Not only do I have books for sell but I also have socks to go along with the books and book boxes with fun sensory items and a book buddy to help you read!

Customer Reviews

Definitely recommended for your children. The book is well written and illustrated. It is short enough to maintain a child's attention, and fun enough to come back and read over and over again. Scary Gary himself being based off a real squirrel is also a nice hook, and may bring your children to take an interest in their own backyard wildlife. Hoping for more adventures of our new hero!


Just received the book today and my kids LOVE it! They had me read it 4 times

Teri Brogdale

This tale is a wonderfully told and illustrated. I love the size large size of this story book

and it feels good to hold. In this digital age, a story book that you can read and page through is a delight. The illustrations and story is captivating and one that will be read time and time again! I can't wait to read Scary Gary's next adventure!

Ann Butler

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Meet My Team

C.G. Baird

C.G. Baird is the creative mind behind the delightful children's book "Scary Gary and the Super Sock." With a knack for weaving engaging and humorous stories, C.G. Baird brings to life the adventures of Gary, a lovable and quirky squirrel. "Scary Gary and the Super Sock" is a testament to Baird's ability to blend fun and mischief, creating a narrative that captures the imaginations of young readers and their families.

Izzy B

Izzy B is a talented illustrator whose vibrant and imaginative artwork brings C.G. Baird stories to life. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for creativity, Izzy B has been captivating young readers and their families with his enchanting illustrations.

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