Scary Gary and the Super Sock

Scary Gary is a wonderful (and kinda true) story about a squirrel who is determined to gain super powers! And as we all know super powers are hidden within magical socks...One day as he observes the tiny humans who play within the wooden walls, Scary Gary notices something wild! These tiny people had gained the ability to shoot water from their finger tips! Scary Gary decided then and there that he MUST have this power. Scary Gary battled the dangers before him in order to reach his prize. But if he were to complete his mission, he would have to go up against the notorious...GLITTER GANG!! In the end, Scary Gary defeats the challenges in his way, and with his new powers he will protect his secret lair A.K.A the dumpster... the Glitter Gang should plan to attack again NEVER FEAR...For SCARY GARY is here!


Who is C.G. Baird?

C.G. Baird is a childcare advocate turn author. Sharing stories from her pre-school in the form of books!

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What books have you written?

I've written Scary Gary and the Super Sock with Scary Gary and the Lost Treasure & The Very Merry Gary Christmas coming soon!

Where can I buy your books?

You can find my books in my bookstore! Use the link above to head over to the bookstore!

Are your books suitable for all ages?

Yes! My books are suitable for all ages! Especially kids ages 3-6!

Can you visit our school/library?

Absolutely! I would love to visit! Click the "Schedule a Visit" button to request a visit from me and let the fun begin!

Can I write to you?

Absolutely! You can send me a message through the "Contact Me" button or you can send a written letter to PO Box 369, Webb City, MO 64870!

Do you have any writing tips for kids?

Get your thoughts on paper and try, try, and try again! Seize the moment and embrace your creativity! I learned that if I don't take the leap and put my work out there, you will never move forward in your writing career. So take the leap sooner!

Will there be more books in this series?

Yes! The next two books are:

Scary Cary and the Lost Treasure

The Very Merry Gary Christmas

Do you sell any merchandise?

Yes! Not only do I have books for sell but I also have socks to go along with the books and book boxes with fun sensory items and a book buddy to help you read!